Environmental Expert in CEMs equipment
& associated legislation including WID & LCPD

technical assistance and training on CEMs equipment Uk & Ireland

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About Brian McCarthy

Having worked in the industry for 25 years for "SICK" as a product specialist, I have decided to go freelance. I can offer my extensive knowledge of the measurement of waste gasses using in situ products, plus extractive multi-gas systems for the benefits of CEMs users.
I am also knowledgeable with regard to legislation governing the QAL standards associated with European Standard EN14181 and IPPC permits relevant to LCPD and WID requirements.
As well as having good knowledge of the latest systems, I also have retained expertise in the older obsolete SICK range of products. I can also provide general training on all above topics or design bespoke courses to suit each customer.
I am committed to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work, at a reasonable cost which customers will find is good value for money.

We offer the following services:

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    Site surveys

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    Technical support

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    Sampling System Training

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    Environmental training

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    Bespoke training

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    QAL 3 training

I have knowledge of the following devices

I am also skilled in coffee roaster high level CO (carbon monoxide) protection against explosion. I have worked in everything from cement plants to hazardous waste plants, and gained a wealth of experience in lots of processes and different legislative needs.

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Multi gas Extractive Systems (CEMS)

MCS100FT MCS100E MKAS Systems (cool dry)

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OLDER PRODUCTS (discontinued)


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Insitu Gas measuring

GM35 (CO/H20/CO2) GM32 (SO2/NO/NO2) GM700 (all types) GM901 (CO)

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Dusthunters types SB SP TYPE T C200 SF

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Process Measurement

MCS300P (RAW GAS) multi gas

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